Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

Repair or Replace?A central air-conditioner will typically last 12 to 17 years. Of course, there are several factors that determine how long an AC will last, including how much the AC has been used every summer and whether it has been professionally maintained on a regular basis.

Here are 5 factors to consider when making a decision whether to repair your current AC or invest in a new system.

How old is the Air Conditioner?

If it's approaching the 12th year of service, it's time to plan on replacing the unit sooner rather than later. Older units are usually much less efficient and need more frequent repairs. In addition, some older central air conditioners units use Freon,which is being phased out and is expensive to refill.

What needs to be repaired?

Minor problems like clogged drain lines are less expensive to repair than blower motors, condensor coils and compressors. It may be better to invest the money for expensive repairs in a new air conditioner.

How efficient is the unit?

Newer, high efficiency air conditioners can have up to 20 SEER efficiency ratings, reducing energy use and operating costs significantly. If the current unit is less than 13 SEER, you can expect significantly lower energy consumption from a newer unit.

Frequency of repairs

If repairs or breakdowns have becoming more frequent in recent years, it may be best to invest the cost of repairs in a new unit. Your home may also have become less comfortable as the AC gets older and can't keep up in hotter weather.

Is the Current Air Conditioner the Right Size?

An over-sized unit will cycle more often, be prone to early failure and have poor humidity control. A new, professionally installed system using heat gain calculations will be matched to your home's unique requirements.

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