How Does a Garbage Disposal Work?

How does a garbage disposal work?

The under sink kitchen garbage disposal is a great time-saving appliance that can reduce the amount of waste in landfills and make cleaning up the dishes a cleaner and more pleasant activity.

Have you ever thought about how your garbage disposal actually works? A common belief is that a disposal is just a powerful blender under the sink that spins sharp blades at high speed to reduce food waste into small particles so they can safely flow down the drain. Actually, a disposal has no blades at all. Instead, a disposal uses impellers (also called lugs) that are mounted on a rotating plate. The food waste spins in an outward direction by centrifugal force. This forces the waste to be pushed against the outer grinder ring, which grinds the food into small particles. Water is run during the grinding process to rinse the waste down the drain.

Garbage Disposal Tips

To keep your disposal working smoothly always run lots of water during the grinding process and for at least 15 seconds after the sound of grinding stops. It's important to only put the right kind of waste down the disposal. Don't put fiberous foods like banana peels, which can jam the disposal, or starchy foods like raw potatoes, which can create a thick paste in the drain. Oil and grease can buildup inside the disposal and the drain pipe over time, reducing the effectiveness of the disposal and causing the drain to clog.

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