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Celebrate Your Favorite Tree this May 16th


We can’t say enough about the importance of clean air. We all depend on it to survive and to stay healthy. Speaking of clean air, do you know what day is celebrated in May?

No, we don’t mean Memorial Day, appropriately enough, there’s a National Love a Tree Day this May, giving you an opportunity to celebrate that all-natural air filtration system living right outside your front door.

While most Waterford homeowners love the way trees help with shade and landscaping, they also play an important role in keeping your air clean. So if you’re not a big fan of watering plants and spending time outdoors, it might be time to start this May!

How Trees Help Provide Clean Air

breatheWe all obviously need air to breathe, but sometimes we forget how important the quality of that air is. Poor air quality can be extremely dangerous, especially for the very young, the elderly or those with health issues.

Among the many problems it can cause, polluted air can lead to respiratory illnesses, allergies, asthma, and even cardiovascular problems. Trees, the largest plants on earth, play a big part in providing clean air and improving air quality.

Trees not only give off oxygen, but they also absorb pollutants and help to filter particles out of the air. Trees are able to do this by trapping pollutants and particles in their leaves and bark. An easy way to understand how trees help air quality is to remember that they breathe in pollutants, including carbon dioxide, and breathe out oxygen.

Clean Air and Your HVAC System

hvacsystemJust as trees play an important role in keeping the air outside clean, your HVAC system plays an important role in making sure that your indoor air is clean.

For most people, the air quality inside their home is worse than the air quality outdoors.

One important way to make sure you have clean air indoors is by making sure that your HVAC system is functioning properly and is well maintained.

As part of that maintenance, it’s important to make sure that your air filters are clean, functioning properly, and regularly replaced. So, while the trees are doing their part outdoors, make sure your HVAC system is doing its part indoors.

Not only will ongoing AC maintenance keep your AC running strongly, but in many cases, it can help improve your health as well – and who can beat that?

Celebrate Your Trees

loveatreeAs you reflect upon how important they are, plan to celebrate some trees this Love a Tree Day.

Consider doing this by planting a tree, watering a tree or doing anything else you can to make the trees in your yard and neighborhood healthier.

Trees play an important part in making sure that we have clean air to breathe, so they deserve to be celebrated!

And, as you focus on clean air, take a moment to make sure that your home has clean air. Call Superior Plumbing, Heating & Air-Condidtioning, Inc today at (248) 673-7260, so we can schedule a maintenance and cleaning service for your HVAC system.