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First-class plumbing, heating and air conditioning services in Bloomfield Hills.

People who come from Bloomfield Hills, MI understand what it means to experience the extreme heat of summer and ice-cold temperatures of winter all in one year. Such swings in temperature make it necessary for homeowners to own both heating and cooling appliances. In order to take care of these devices, it’s important to access comprehensive home comfort services.

The crew members at Superior Plumbing, Heating & Air-Conditioning, Inc are always ready to assist homeowners with their appliance needs. We always deliver professional craftsmanship paired with family-friendly customer service.

Superior Plumbing, Heating & Air-Conditioning, Inc -
 plumbing, heating and air conditioner services in Bloomfield Hills, MI

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Household Plumbing Services

Faulty plumbing can easily be the downfall of any homeowner. The amount of destruction that can be caused by water damage, not to mention to cost to fix everything, can be brutal. If you need plumbing repair services, we’re always ready to help you.

If there’s a single plumbing appliance that deserves more attention than any other it’s your water heater. This valuable device is responsible for the comfort and ease in which we wash and bathe. We’re able to conduct water heater repairs should you ever need them.

Heating & Furnace Services

Being left to face the elements thanks to a broken down heater is not only a nuisance, it’s dangerous. If you’re stuck in a home with a busted heating appliance, we want to lend you a hand. Call us and take advantage of our heating repair services.

There might be times where a heater breaks and can’t be fixed. If you need a replacement heater set up, we can also help with our heater installation services. There’s no need for anybody under your roof to go to sleep in a chilly bed or wake up freezing cold.

Air Conditioning & Cooling Services

There may be no greater feeling than getting hit with the cold blast of air conditioning on a scorching-hot day. But if your home’s AC system suddenly breaks down, it can put a halt to all activity. Call on us and we’ll be ready to provide air conditioning repair services.

In addition, if you want to upgrade your air conditioning system or bump up your home’s indoor air quality, we also conduct AC installation services. So if you ever want to set up a ductless mini split AC system or are keen on cleaning things up with a UV air sanitizer, just let us know.

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Homeowners who are hunting for a company that delivers comprehensive plumbing, heating and air conditioning services in Bloomfield Hills, MI, we’re here to help. Call us anytime at 248-673-7260 to book an appointment.