Bloomfield Hills AC Repair Service

Central Air Conditioner not working? Call For Fast, Professional Service

Bloomfield Hills AC Repair Service

During the hot, humid summer months in Bloomfield Hills a working air conditioner isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity. If your central air conditioner has stopped working, one call to Superior Plumbing and Heating and you can rest assured that your it will be up and running again in no time. Our HVAC technicians are highly trained professionals who can repair ALL makes and models of central air conditioner, from American Standard to Lennox.

We arrive at your home in fully stocked trucks ready to quickly diagnose the cause of the problems and provide you with solutions for replain in easy to understand language. With our up-front pricing you will know the cost of repairs before any work begins. The price you are quoted is the price you pay, no surprises.

Preventing an AC Breakdown

If your AC is still running but you notice potential problems, call for service before there's an unexpected breakdown. Here the signs to be aware of.

Unusual Noises
If you hear vibrations, squeaking, banging or other strange noises, or you notice that the AC unit is running longer than normal, it could be a symptom of a malfuction.

Uneven Temperatures
If the temperature displayed on your thermostat is significantly different from what your feeling throuout your home, call us to have the system checked. It could be a malfuctioning thermostat, a frozen condensor line, or leak.

Off Smells
If there are musty or other unusual smells coming from your vents when the AC is running it could be a sign of mold in the system, a coolant leak, a clogged filter, or dirty air ducts.

Energy Bill Goes Up Unexpectedly
Higher-than-expected energy consumption could be a sign your AC is operating inefficiently. This is typically the result of a lack of maintenance. A simple tune-up may be all that's needed to get the energy use back to normal.

Bloomfield Hills AC Repair

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